Progress on Another Old Project

Klingon Heavy Weapons Platform.

This is a project started way back in 2005/2006. I have decided to take a break from Federation ships and finish this up. YEAH it is more trek.  I hope to get this and a few other projects in the DONE bin soon so I can work on some new projects not related to this series. Such as my Touhou projects and a few other classic anime models.

The ship design is post Nemesis IE late 24th early 25th century. The use of the ship is as a fast assault ship. It warps in eliminates resistance and captures systems until the fleet ships and support flotsam can arrive. Used in mass expansionism. The idea behind the design is to draw from the past such as the old TMP, TOS, and ENT era styling, a Klingon Empire drawing from it’s past to propel it to a new future, without the Federation.  Since this is a future that has no canon I took some liberties.  Least this is what I remember of the early stages of this project. Right now I’m just continuing on with the set styling and tossing on a mess of weapons.


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