A bit of mid TOS stuff!

Ok yeah, been a while since I updated this heap of a blog. Been busy with life and other crap and well  other hobbies!

So what is this you ask, well this ship is to slot in somewhere mid TOS or slightly post. (depends how you would judge how fast a ship can be commissioned) Anyhow these are a response to the Attacks during Balance of Terror. They were to patrol the netural zone while the destroyed outposts were replaced with armed installations and to then provide support to those installations.

Really, I built this mostly because I was helping someone out with bussard caps and how to mimic a particular look. So I decided I should do something with the things. This is the result.  Now I know there are a lot fo non tos like things going on. Likely this design will slot in with my “re” designs. The lethe kitbashes and the re-connie (something that is slated for a redo, a re-re-connie so to speak) So, without a due the U.S.S. Thanatos.

This is a WIP so much of the detail and finishing work is absent.

4 thoughts on “A bit of mid TOS stuff!

  1. Very cool, hope you were able to finish fleshing it out. Reminds me a lot of the Longbow class, a SFB torpedo ship, with the nacells out straight like that. Are those Aft torpedo tubes under the hanger?

    1. Yes, those are aft torpedo tubes. I just finished this ship this week, so I should have a “showcase” for it later on.

    1. Nope just stuck nacelles on the ends of flat pylons and was done with it.😀 I didn’t base it off of anything.

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